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Busy Fox on Brick Wall
Busy Fox In Bedroom
Busy Fox In Rustic Kitchen

Busy Fox 

Busy Fox

A busy fox stops for a moment to look around. I think foxes are so beautiful. I love to paint them and express my deep appreciation for nature.

In this work it was my intention to create a colorful and joyous scene. Here a fox explores on a bright fall day.

A poem I enjoy about foxes is,

Straight Talk From Fox, by Mary Oliver.

Listen says fox it is music to run
over the hills to lick dew from the leaves
to nose along the edges of the ponds
to smell the fat ducks in their bright feathers
but far out, safe in their rafts of sleep.
It is like music to visit the orchard,
to find the vole sucking the sweet of the apple,
or the rabbit with his fast-beating heart.
.....It is music to wander the black back roads outside of town
no one awake or wondering ...

About The Original: Busy Fox is a lusciously textural oil painting. Vibrant and alive with wonder.

The sides have been carefully painted in a wrap around effect as I feel this finishes the work and makes it ready for immediate display. There is no need to frame unless it is your personal preference. 

It also comes wired and ready for immediate display. A Certificate of Authenticity is included.

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